Valiant Miniatures produce high quality 1/72 (i.e. 1 inch/25mm = 6 feet) scale World War Two hard plastic figure sets for gamers, modellers and collectors. All our plastic products are manufactured in the UK from hard plastic which means the models can be easily assembled with ordinary polystyrene glue.

Alternative heads, optional arms and equipment such as backpacks are provided for simple conversions and adding variety. The gallery pages show how versatile the models are and feature conversion ideas.

Our models are deliberately robustly designed to have character and presence. Many customers comment on what a delight they are to paint – taking both acrylic and enamel paints with ease unlike most soft plastic figures. To complement the plastic models, limited edition metal figures and equipment will be added to the range from time to time

Latest News

  • Coming Soon…. Re-Tooled Classic Germans

    We’re introducing a reduced size option for our hard plastic Classic Germans to provide an option for those modellers, gamers and collectors who like a slightly smaller figure to the normal Valiant style.  FT001 will be a box of 21 infantry figures and FT002 will be 13 figures with two tripod MG42 machine guns and two 81mm mortars.  Both sets will have the usual selection of weapons/heads/arms options. Here’a a size comparison and a sneak preview of the box art: