• British Infantry Brigade Deal

    220 figures and 4 six pounder guns. Build a Rapid Fire 1944/45 British Infantry Brigade for the bargain price of £36.50 + Postage. Saving of over £18.

  • German Paratroop Battlegroup

    Our latest exciting battlegroup pack contains 59 plastic figures with a variety of weapons and head options together with a 37mm AT gun and a 75mm recoilless rifle + metal tripod MG34 team, 81mm mortar team and a two figure… Read More

  • Valiant Miniatures Rapid Fire Starter Set

    Valiant Miniatures are pleased to release their first Rapid Fire starter wargame set. For the bargain price of £29.50 + Postage – the set comprises of a Rapid Fire rule book, a box of British Tommies, a box of Classic German Infantry and, thanks to our friends at Armourfast, a Sherman tank and StuG III assault gun.