• Fighting 20s – German 81mm mortar and Tripod MG42

    13 hard plastic figures with two 81mm mortars and two tripod MG42 machine guns.  Head options are included.

  • Fighting 20s – German Infantry 42-44

    21 hard plastic figures with head and weapon options. First of the re tooled re scaled figures sets produced in response to customer feedback to complement the existing Valiant range.  Please note the box refers to grenades and an arm… Read More

  • Rapid Ruin French House / Shop

    Our first 1/72 scale hard plastic purpose built building for gamers.  The intact detached house (or shop) can be placed on the battlefield, increasing levels of damage represented and the building reduced to a ruin through the removal of the… Read More

  • VM001 British Tommies 1944-45

    On 6th June 1944 British, Canadian and American forces stormed ashore on the beaches of Normandy, France. The D-Day invasion signalled the beginning of an eleven month campaign which would result in the liberation of North-West Europe after four years of German occupation.

  • VM002 Classic German Infantry 1944-45

    Unlike the image often portrayed by Hollywood the backbone of the German Army was the largely horse-drawn infantry division. Although these formations may now seem very primitive compared to the fully mechanised British, Canadian and American forces this criticism cannot be made of German equipment.

  • VM003 American GIs 1942-44

    Following Americas sudden entry into the war at the end of 1941 the army underwent a massive expansion and re equipment programme. The models in this box depict the troops deployed in the North African, Mediterranean and European theatres from Operation Torch in 1942 to the autumn of 1944 in NW Europe. They are wearing the typical combat uniform which includes the M1941 field jacket and canvas leggings.

  • VM006 German Paratroops

    German paratroops (or Fallschirmjäger) took part in many of the famous battles of World War II. They saw action in the in Norway and Denmark campaign and the blitzkrieg attacks on Belgium, Holland and France in 1940. Major actions in the Balkans Campaign, Crete, Italy, and on both the Eastern Front and later the Western Front would follow.

  • VM007 German leFH 18 105mm Howitzer and Crew

    The 105mm leFH 18 was the standard divisional field howitzer used by the Wehrmacht (German Army) during World War II. It had a heavy, simple breech mechanism with a hydro-pneumatic recoil system.

  • VM009 British 6-pounder Anti-Tank Gun and Crew

    The famous British 6-pounder anti-tank gun and crew. The gun can be assembled as a late or mid-war version or the US 57mm variant. Two model guns and eight crew figures are provided in each box.

  • VM010 German Paratroop Heavy Weapons

    Extra firepower for your German airborne forces.  The set contains the LG40 75mm recoilless gun first used in the battle for Crete, a PaK 36 37mm anti-tank gun with Stielgranate 41 anti-tank grenade option