220 figures and 4 six pounder guns. Build a Rapid Fire 1944/45 British Infantry Brigade for the bargain price of £36.50 + Postage. Saving of over £18.

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  • VM009 British 6-pounder Anti-Tank Gun and Crew

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    The famous British 6-pounder anti-tank gun and crew. The gun can be assembled as a late or mid-war version or the US 57mm variant. Two model guns and eight crew figures are provided in each box.

  • VM001 British Tommies 1944-45

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    On 6th June 1944 British, Canadian and American forces stormed ashore on the beaches of Normandy, France. The D-Day invasion signalled the beginning of an eleven month campaign which would result in the liberation of North-West Europe after four years of German occupation…
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