German paratroops (or Fallschirmjäger) took part in many of the famous battles of World War II. They saw action in the in Norway and Denmark campaign and the blitzkrieg attacks on Belgium, Holland and France in 1940. Major actions in the Balkans Campaign, Crete, Italy, and on both the Eastern Front and later the Western Front would follow.

Our Valiant Paratroops are modeled on the troops that took part in the assault on Crete in 1940. This means our versatile figures have a mixture of early and late pattern smocks and separate heads have the distinctive paratrooper helmet cover. Six of the eight poses are armless figures that can either be equipped with the various weapons options in the set (MP 40 sub machine guns, MG 34 machine guns or KAR 98 rifles) or late war weaponry from the Classic German Infantry and Germans in Normandy sets can be added to convert the figures into elite mid/late war ground troops.

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